Principal's Message





From the desk of the Principal:

Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man-by Swami Vivekanand.

Every person has his /her potential. According to the facilities available a person proceeds towards the perfection . To  reach  the perfection  a person requires his /her willingness, devotion , resources and environment. The vidyalaya /institute and the family are responsible for the environment and they can make resources available to the person. Willingness and devotion are two vital things for a person. Without willingness teaching learning process is not possible and without devotion learning is beyond imagination.We can say both are two faces of the same coin. If these things are available one has to fix  his/her  aim/target and proceed accordingly. Without aim the effort cannot be made in right direction or with right spirit. To achieve the required  goal we have  to make use  of all resources available in our surroundings . Print media and electronic media both are having  their own importance. There are huge readymade information now a days  with both the media .We can make use  all of them optimally. I shall be  very much thankful to  the people if they follow these words and succeed in life by the grace of Almighty .

Jai Hind